Away Days

It’s great to reward your staff with some time away from the workplace to have fun and to move forward as a team. We believe it’s important to go back to work feeling motivated and also ready to implement the action points that have come out of the day.

We have a number of great team building activities to offer which help everyone to work on their communication, planning and interpersonal skills while learning to value everyone’s contribution in a relaxed environment.

You can use the InspireAway Day to move forward on strategy, procedures or anything you wouldn’t normally have time to get to grips with at work.

The results can be dramatic – it’s amazing how practical solutions can emerge – meaning real, lasting changes to procedures or working practices with everyone’s buy-in. A win-win outcome!

 Business against Poverty staff enjoying a problem-solving exercise at a recent InspireAway Day at Guyers House Hotel, Corsham.

Take a look at this video taken at a recent Inspire Away Day at Well House Manor, Melksham. Each team was given a bag of random objects and asked to plan, produce and perform a sketch – they did a great job, don’t you think?

Breathe life into your team with Inspire Away

Inspire: fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative; breathe in; inhale
Away Day: on which employees meet at a venue away from the workplace to plan strategy or to discuss a particular issue