Time Management Workshop – half day

How on earth do we prioritise to make sure that we get everything done that we need to do without undue stress and panic?

Time management is a must for everyone, so ‘take some time to save time’ and learn some great techniques to help you get things under control.


Management Workshop – one day

This one day workshop develops confidence and competence in managing people. It develops the important skills of:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Dealing with underperformance
  • Conflict management.

It is designed for potential and practicing first line managers from all sectors – private companies, public service, charities/non-profits and engages and involves delegates using a variety of learning methods.

Sharon has been training managers for more than twenty years and knows the challenges that you face as well as the amazing impact you can have on your team.

Creative-Problem-Solving Workshop – one-day

Come along to this practical, inspiring workshop and learn a tried and tested problem-solving method through an engaging table top exercise.

Creative problem solving is a well established method of approaching a problem or challenge in an innovative and imaginative way and it’s especially suited to groups of people working together – exactly what we’ll be doing on this workshop.

You’ll go away having learnt the creative problem solving process through solving the table top excercise and working on a challenge of your own.

Don’t miss it!

Essential Team Skills Workshop – one day

Most of us have two parts to our jobs – getting on with what we’ve been employed to do, for which we need task skills – and working as part of a team to achieve the overall objectives, for which we need process skills.

This workshop will build some of the key process skills that you need to with others effectively:

  • communication
  • building rapport
  • respect and trust
  • conflict resolution
  • persuading and influencing
  • giving and receiving feedback

Team Leading Workshop – one day

Leading a team can be a challenge and this workshop will support you in your role and give you the confidence to lead your team in a way that motivates and brings out the best in each individual.

Whether you’re new to team leading or have been doing it for some years, this course is for you!